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PowerDBTools is a tool based on Microsoft OLE DB technologies to help developers and database administrators develop, manage and maintain their databases.

It is the perfect solution since the same tool can be used on all major operating systems accessing a wide range of databases.

PowerDBTools is a powerful database management tool which allows the user to connect and manage multiple databases of different type (MS Access, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, etc.) in one application. The user can manage all the different database types using the same interfaces, controls and options provided by the PowerDBTools.

Database management in PowerDBTools is performed using OLE DB technology. With this technology, the sources in the tables are defined as OLE DB recordsets.

Main Features:

  • Database Browser
    • Navigation through all database objects (tables, columns, indexes, keys, etc.).
    • Browsing object details and invoking management features (create/rename/delete).
  • Data Management
    • Showing and editing database data support (created via SQL statement).
    • Showing and editing BLOB type columns data support (image, HTML, RTF).
    • Column data statistics.
  • Index Browser
    • Navigation through all database indexes (including Primary and Foreign Keys).
    • Checking and correcting indexes/keys names.
    • Indexes/keys validation.
  • Find Engine
    • Database objects (tables, columns, etc.) search by name.
    • Columns search by their default values, descriptions, values and types.
    • Unused columns search in the database.
  • Query Manager
    • Showing and editing database data support (created via SQL statement).
    • Visual query builder.
    • Hierarchy data support (shape recordset).
  • Tools
    • Compare databases.
    • Convert database (including data).
    • Easy backup, restore, attach, detach databases (SQL Server only).
    • Generate SQL script for database conversion.


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