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SharePoint Project Timer

The SharePoint Project Timer is a powerful and flexible digital countdown timer that helps remind you of important, upcoming milestones and deadlines. It displays as a digital clock that shows you the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds remaining until the target end-date and end-time, making it a versatile tool to keep track of time for long-term project planning.

The SharePoint Project Timer also includes a complete suite of adjustable visual settings, including choices between 5 different pre-designed themes, the ability to create new themes, and the capacity to upload images to set as the timer background. The fully-modifiable countdown configuration settings offer further flexibility, from changing number-style settings to controlling whether the countdown includes seconds. And, once chosen, your target date & time are remembered automatically, so even if you close the web part and later reposition it on your web page, the proper countdown time will still be displayed.

Features of SharePoint Project Timer

  • Countdown to a target date and time
  • Fully customizable color and number-style settings
  • Upload and set images as a background



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