Phoner 2.45 Beta / 2.44

Heiko Sommerfeldt
3.4 MB
Operating System
Windows All

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Phoner - Beta Phoner - Link 1 Phoner - Link 2

Phoner description
Phoner is a SoftPhone application that enables you to make phone calls using just an ISDN and sound card.

connection to analogue (POTS) and digital receivers (ISDN) is built up
by using CAPI. This driver interface comes with your ISDN equipment.

establishes for outgoing calls a (chargeable) connection over your
normal phone line. You will be charged the same as if you were using
your normal phone device.

Here are some key features of "Phoner":
· Display of caller ID
· Phone book (assignment caller ID to name)
· Import of Outlook contacts
· Individual announcements in answering mashine (per caller, called number)
· Individual ring tones (per caller)
· Drag&drop handling
· Log book
· Answering mashine with remote enquiry
· Incoming calls: identifiy, accept, reject or ignore
· Sending of SMS to mobile phones
· Sending emails with built-in SMTP client
· Recording of actual call
· ISDN supplementary services (id supported by CAPI)
· Multiple calls (HOLD)
· Terminal portability (TP)
· Call transfer (ECT)
· 3 party conference (3PTY)
· Call diversion (FORWARD)
· Call deflection (CD)
· Call completion (CCBS and CCNR)
· Message Waiting Indication (MWI)
· EarlyB3Connect (tones from trunk line)
· Keypad
· D-channel monitoring (AVM equipment only)
· Network support due to integrated web server
· TTS (Text-To-Speech) as SMS alternative
· Built-in COM-Server for 3rd party control
· Line Interconnect (Transfer over 2nd B-channel)
· VoIP support for SIP connections
· Supported codecs: G.711 (A-Law and u-Law), GSM, iLBC and Speex
· STUN support for NAT/firewalls
· Search using ENUM

· ISDN-Adapter with CAPI 2.0 (32 Bit)
· at least AMD/Pentium 100 MHz
· 32 MB RAM and more
· Fullduplex capable soundcard (16 Bit)
· Microfon and speakers (better: headset)

What's New

  • New: support for MousePhone VM-01L
  • Fix: some minor bugfixes


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