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Bugzilla 3.4.2

Bugzilla is licensed under the Mozilla Public License, and is thus both free and open source software. Bugzilla 3.4 brings a lot of great enhancements for Bugzilla over previous versions, with various improvements to the user interface, lots of interesting new features, and many long-standing requests finally being addressed. Bugzilla is a powerful utility and a database for bugs that lets people report bugs and assigns these bugs to the appropriate developers. Developers can use bugzilla to keep a to-do list as well as to prioritize, schedule and track dependencies.

Features of  Bugzilla

* Simple Bug Filing – When entering a new bug, the vast majority of fields are now hidden by default, which enormously simplifies the bug-filing form. You can click "Show Advanced Fields" to show all the fields, if you want them. Bugzilla remembers whether you last used the "Advanced" or "Simple" version of the bug-entry form, and will display the same version to you again next time you file a bug.

* Email Addresses Hidden From Logged-Out Users – To help prevent spam to Bugzilla users, all email addresses stored in Bugzilla are now displayed only if you are logged in. If you are logged out, only the part before the "@" of the email address is displayed. This includes bug lists, viewing bugs, the XML format of a bug, and any other place in the web interface that an email address could appear.

* Shorter Search URLs – When submitting a search, all the unused fields are now stripped from the URL, so search URLs are much more meaningful, and much shorter.


*MySQL 4.0.14 or later



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