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Flux 2.47

Flux 2 is The Escapers most important release ever. With a radically redesigned user interface, Flux 2 has the power to be your only web design tool. Flux 2 is available as a BETA download now, please remember to backup any important work before using any beta software.

Flux 2 builds on Flux’s great CSS support by offering comprehensive support for all CSS attributes, and allows them all to be specified independently. You can edit CSS in the built in code editor, or with the easy to use style editor, with changes being displayed in real time. If you prefer to use the WYSIWYG page editor, you can drag the elements around the page, alter their size, tweak padding and margins and the relevant CSS will be created and/or modified.

As you would expect from Flux, Version 2 has a fantastic page editor, you can create new elements, tables, lists, images, movies, sounds and many other elements without writing a line of code. If you want manual control, the built-in syntax highlighting code editor will update the page with every change you make.

What's New

  • Bug fixes


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