MMass 3.0.0b

Martin Strohalm
31.7 MB
Operating System
Software Development

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MMass presents open source multi-platform package of tools for precise mass spectrometric data analysis and interpretation. It is written in Python language and released under GNU General Public License, so it’s portable to different computer platforms and has a good potential to be easily modified or extended by modules of specific needs.

  • New testing version of mMass 3.0 has been released. Read „readme.txt“ before you use mMass. If you are running mMass from the source code, please note that there is a C part which needs to be compiled first. Feel free to send me any comments, requests, bug reports etc.
  • Changed: processing methods moved to configs/presets.xml file together with operator presets
  • Changed: mascot servers definitions moved to configs/mascot.xml file
  • Changed: (OS X only) in order to retain user configurations after updating mMass all the configuration files are now located in ~/Library/Application Support/mMass/
  • New feature: operator presets in Document Info Panel
  • New feature: direct recalibration using data from Match Panel
  • New feature: search for specified formula in Compound Search Tool
  • Improved: active sorting in report tables
  • Improved: relative intensity for annotations and matches in report
  • Improved: MeOH and ACN adducts in Compound Search Tool
  • Improved: Mascot Search form shows number of selected modifications
  • Improved: Match Panel behavior


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