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REALbasic 2009.5.0.0

REALbasic is easy to learn, easy to use and object-oriented. Whether you are a seasoned developer or new to programming, REALbasic will let you create your own applications, faster.

REALbasic comes in three editions:

    * Personal Edition, for hobbyists or those developing software for themself.
    * Professional Edition, for part time software developers.
    * Studio Edition, for full time commercial software developers.

View comparison chart to compare editions and their features.

All editions of REALbasic include the following capabilities:

Window layout editor

  • Drag and drop – Drag controls onto a window to build your user interface.
  • Native support controls – REALbasic provides more than 40 native user interface controls for each platform, including buttons, fields, lists, sliders, tab panels, and much more.
  • Alignment guides – Assists in lining up controls on a window.

Code editing

  • Auto-complete – Helps you write code faster with fewer errors by offering suggestions on valid syntax.
  • Syntax coloring – Use different colors to distinguish between keywords, variables, code and comments.
  • Block lines – Quickly see the structure of your code.
  • Code assistants – A contextual menu of syntax options that help you write code faster and with fewer errors.


  • Bitmaps – Use the REALbasic Canvas class to create and display bitmap images.
  • Vector graphics – Includes a 2D vector graphics engine for spline-based images.
  • Quicktime – Play and edit QuickTime movies in your applications.


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