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BeamPRO V3.0

BeamPRO is a powerful solution for sending multiple files, Address contacts, Memos, and Datebook appointments to another Palm, expansion card, cellphone, Pocket PC, or desktop computer using the infrared beaming or Bluetooth capability of the Palm.

The built-in Palm beaming function only allows the beaming of regular programs. BeamPRO allows you to beam any type file, such as a data file, e-book or non-Palm file.

Additionally, BeamPRO also allows you to send multiple files in one beaming operation. There is no need for BeamPRO to be on both handheld devices. Immediate beaming is possible to any other device.


  • Beam non-Palm files from expansion cards.
  • Beam multiple Datebook appointments.
  • Beam multiple Address contacts.
  • Beam multiple MemoPad items.
  • Beam directly to another Palm’s expansion card.
  • Beam non-Palm files such as .txt to registered programs.
  • Send to last-used Bluetooth device. (Skip the discovery phase.)
  • Batch-delete files.
  • Maintain category info when beaming addresses and memos.
  • Automatically prevents duplicate Address and Datebook records.

Endless Beaming Possibilities:

  • Send hidden files and electronic books to others.
  • Send JPGs, PDFs, and other non-Palm files from your SD card.
  • Send a Memo Pad item to your PC over Bluetooth.
  • Send selected Address items to your cellphone.
  • Send files directly to another Palm’s expansion card.
  • Quickly configure a Palm with software, without HotSync.
  • Merge the family’s Address database.
  • Send the day’s schedule to co-workers.
  • View and delete hidden databases and files on expansion card.


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