Missing Sync for Symbian 1.0

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Missing Sync for Symbian 1.0

Wirelessly synchronize information and files between your Mac and Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Samsung Symbian OS handset – contacts, calendars, tasks, plus your favorite music, photos, videos and documents. Your information stays in sync between Address Book, Microsoft Entourage, iCal and phones like the Nokia N95, Nokia E71, Sony Ericsson P1i and Samsung i520.

With the Missing Sync for Symbian, you can archive text messages and call logs to your Mac.* Search, sort and view your call history for billing purposes or to see who you called last. Plus, when you need to find information in a thread of text messages, the Missing Sync makes it easy for you to search and browse your SMS archive and find what you’re looking for, fast.

The Missing Sync works with iPhoto and iTunes so you can enjoy your favorite music, photos and videos on your phone. For example, the Missing Sync downloads iPhoto albums to your phone and resizes each picture to fit the screen. Import video and pictures you take with your mobile phone’s camera into iPhoto, easily. And, synchronize documents so they can be viewed and edited with handheld applications such as Quickoffice or Adobe Reader LE.

The Missing Sync for Symbian is uses Mark/Space Proximity Sync technology. This new approach to synchronization uses Bluetooth to sync data automatically when your Mac and phone are close to each other. The Missing Sync keeps your vital information the same on your phone and your Mac — always.


  • Automatically synchronize information with Proximity Sync™ technology
  • Sync wirelessly with Bluetooth technology
  • Sync contacts with Address Book
  • Sync contact photos with Address Book
  • Sync calendars and tasks with iCal
  • Sync Word, Excel, PDF and other files
  • Archive call history and text messages to the Mac
  • Import photos from the phone into iPhoto or a Folder
  • Import videos from the phone into iPhoto or a Folder
  • Encode and transfers videos to the phone
  • Download iPhoto albums to the phone
  • Download music, podcasts and other audio to the phone for installation
  • Copy mobile applications and files to the phone
  • View call history archive with Mark/Space Call Log application
  • SyncMinder notifies you if you forget to sync
  • Synchronize with other Sync Services savvy applications, such as Microsoft Entourage and Chronos SOHO Organizer
  • Mulitple language support – includes English, French,German, Italian and Spanish language versions.


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