Nokia Ovi Player 2.1.10304

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Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Xp

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Nokia Ovi Player 2.0.1

Nokia Ovi Player is music manager software which is free to install and use. With it you can download, manage, listen and transfer the music you love between your PC and mobile devices.

Nokia Ovi Player is the best way to transfer music to and from your PC and Nokia device, so you can listen to the music you choose whenever and wherever you want. Compatible music files already saved on your PC are automatically imported to your library. With all your music in one place, it’s easy to manage your music collection, devices and playlists from one screen.

Nokia Ovi Player is an easy-to-use software that helps you manage your music collection. It automatically imports the compatible music files already saved on your PC. With all your music in one place you can create playlists, rip and burn CDs, and view or edit track information. You can transfer music between your mobile and PC (and vice versa) so you can listen to the music you choose, whenever and wherever you want.


  • Nokia Ovi Player is free for your PC
  • Import your existing music collection
  • Search by artist, album, track or genre and create playlists for any mood
  • Copy music direct to your mobile with Rip’n’Go
  • Transfer music between your PC and Nokia devices

New in this Version:

  • With the latest Nokia Ovi Player you now can automatically import your music library from iTunes and all the manual playlists that you created in iTunes >
  • There are new tooltips for tracks in the Playlists and Player Queue. These tooltips are visible when hovering over a track and will show you Artist, Album and Artwork for the track.


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