APS Accounting and stock control

APS combines powerful client/server multilingual accounting software and stock (inventory) control features with deferent types of transactions such as Cost Centers, General Vouchers, Reciept & Payment Vouchers and wide range of reports such as general ledger, profit and loss, trial balance, statement of accounting, Taccounts and balance sheet and a complete Stock Control features such Item Card, Vendor Card, Checking Stock, printing sales invoices, calculated tax fields and transactions reports guaranteed to insure satisfaction from all users of the systems. All kind of transactions(transfer items between stores,purchase,damaged goods,sales,sales return, purchase, purchase return ,items production and units for whole sales (i.e packages,measures etc..) Transaction reports (Item Card,Store Card,Vendor Card ,end of year Checking Stock,printing multi currency and custom invoice and order reports).Linked to APS Accounting(Create Journal Entries Automaticaly). Works with point of sales hardware (scanner,printer and cash drawer).

Feature of APS Accounting and stock control

  • As easy to select between standalone
  • Network and web installation
  • Unlimited Companies & Financial Years
  • Visual Account Tree
  • Exporting Financial Reports to Excel
  • Skinnable User Interface
  • User custom reports can be posted to excel
  • Centralized database control tool
  • Menu Security
  • Live update wizard
  • Backup & Restore utility
  • Language editor to add you ownr language
  • Remote database connections over interent
  • Data Maintenance


· 128 MB or more of Ram
· 80 MB Free Space on HD
· To use Bar Code Scanners with Stock Control it is recommended to use Intermec Scanners (tested with ScanPlus Intermec 1800 keyboard Wedge)


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