HQuote Pro Historical Stock Prices Downloader 7.36

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HQuote Pro Historical Stock Prices Downloader 7.36

HQuote Pro is a program that allows you to retrieve historical intraday and
End-Of-Day quotes for virtually any stock, index, mutual fund or commodity futures
publicly traded in USA or Canada. The data is stored in the form of MetastockASCII files on your hard disk and can be easily analyzed in any charting
software package.

It’s simple. Download and install HQuote Pro, then
spend a minute on reading the Getting Started section in the provided
help file, and we are sure that within 5 minutes you will start to update
your price history!

The data is being stored in Metastock 8.0 format. You can automatically export
it to ASCII as well. The length of available from Quote.com server historical
data is 500 data bars on any intraday time frame. For End-of-Day time window
the data is being downloaded from Yahoo and its length might be as long as 10
calendar years. In most cases this is enough data for any market analysis. ASCII
is a standard text data file format used by many programs, including spreadsheet
and word-processing programs. Unlike files in other formats, files in ASCII
format are in simple text and do not contain any formatting codes or special
characters. The fields in the data file produced by HQuote Pro are comma separated
and represent : Date, Time, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume of security
and other optional fields. Such organization of data in ASCII file is compatible
with widely spread software such as Omega Research Tradestation, SuperCharts,
Metastock, Advanced Get, etc. 


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