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MLDownloader downloads recent and historical quotes (OHLC) from various internet sources (Yahoo, MSN) for any and all stocks in 50+ exchanges worldwide and writes them in the industry standard Metastock format (any version) or in form of ASCII files (CSV). Technical Analysts’ must have. Data is compatible with Insider TA, Wealth-Lab, TradeStation, Elliot Wave Analyzer, SuperChart 4, Omni Trader and all the other industry favorites. A one-time fee of €59.95 qualifies any and all to reliable, split adjusted, historical and recent EOD quotes from 1990 to date. (Depending upon the security the amount of historical data could extend back for more than 30 years!) Cut your costs! No more monthly bills from your data provider for a service that is only less than what MLDownloader will deliver! A one-time fee, no more! 50+ exchanges worldwide, including US [all (AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ, etc.)], UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, France and many more! Just read what our customers say about MLDownloader. Try it for free for 14 straight days! Or buy it right now, online, with your credit card.

Features of MLDownloader

  • Historical data is available from over 50 international exchanges
  • Stores data in MetaStock or in form of ASCII files
  • Stock splits are performed automatically
  • Automatic update of indices and maintenance of your symbol lists
  • Download attempts can easily be repeated – Detects symbol changes
  • Downloading can be scheduled
  • Download Progress Indication
  • Logs all download attempts
  • MLDownloader can download stock quotes, indices, mutual funds, corporate bonds, warrant, FOREX data, futures, etc.
  • Automatically connecting, downloading and disconnecting for analogue modem users
  • MLDownloader supports multiple stock quotes servers like Yahoo, or
  • Supports the latest MetaStock format 9.0 (6000 securities in one directory)



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