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Click&Clean is a freeware tool for CCleaner. With just one click you can now simply clean your entire computer and remove all the unwanted and useless junk that will clutter your system if and when you surf the internet. It will free up more free space on your hard disk and your computer will run noticeably faster.

Click&Clean is a free and spyware free tool for CCleaner. With just one click on the Click&Clean button on the Quick Launch bar, and CCleaner will be started and it will erase the internet history and other tracks on your computer safely and completely without any prompts.

Also Click&Clean simply adds a button to your Internet Explorer and/or Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Flock toolbar. If you use it with Firefox, Flock or Opera it will also clear private data without prompts.

Our primary goal with this solution is to save you time and enhance your sense of security and privacy.

Double-click the setup.exe file to start the setup program. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. After installatrion is complete, you are now ready to start Click&Clean on the Quick Launch bar (img1).

If you want to start cleaning process from the browser’s toolbar, follow the steps below:

IE: Right-click on the IE toolbar (if IE6 View > Toolbars) > Customize > Add or Remove Commands > click a "Cleaner" button from the list of Available toolbar buttons > and click the Add.

Firefox/Flock: Go to View > Toolbars > Customize… A new window will pop up, containing available toolbar items. Just drag and drop "Cleaner" button to the toolbar. To remove some items from the toolbar, drag them from the toolbars and drop them at the Customize window.

Opera: Automatic Integration. Click&Clean button will appear after installation.

Note: Can be used as add-on/extension for Internet Explorer 5.0 – 8.0, Mozilla Firefox 1.5.0 – 3.5b4, Opera 9.x – 10 alpha, Flock 2.x

What's New

  • Added a popup menu for easy access to the options
  • Added option "Remove Flash Cookies (LSOs)"
  • Added option
    "Cache Viewer"
  • Added option "Clear private data when browser
  • Added option "Close all tabs before clearing"
  • Added
    option "Close all tabs before clearing without last active tab"


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