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Digital Sentry 1.1.3

Digital Sentry monitors your system for specific events, and then can perform a vast array of unique actions in response. Use it to automate certain redundant computer tasks, perform covert surveillance, or even protect your sensitive data during unauthorized access or theft!

Watch for such system events as waking from sleep, program launches, closes, or switches, file modifications, incorrect password attempts, mouse and keyboard input, and many more. Then, perform any number of tasks like sending an e-mail, shutting down the computer, starting a simulated self-destruct, pinging a web URL, taking a web cam shot, taking a screenshot, playing a multimedia file, speaking some text, executing a shell script… the list goes on!

Curious who’s been using your computer while you make a quick trip out of the room? Turn on the ‘incorrect password’ attempt monitor, and have Digital Sentry take a picture of them with a web cam, e-mail it to you, and then sending you a notification by text message to your cell phone! Ideal for catching a thief in the event your laptop has been stolen.

Alternatively, use Digital Sentry to organize your life by performing a task such as speaking a line of text on an interval to remind you to get up from the computer and stretch, or to perform a system backup. In the case of a backup, then even get Digital Sentry to do it for you by executing a shell script.

The possible uses for Digital Sentry are countless. Download the free 15-day trial from our web site, and put it to work for you!


  • Event Monitors:
    • An application was launched
    • An application was been put foremost
    • An application was closed
    • A file was modified, renamed, or deleted
    • An incorrect password was entered at the login prompt
    • Some key was pressed
    • The mouse was clicked or moved
    • The mouse wheel was moved
    • The system is about to go to sleep
    • The power source was changed
    • The computer woke from sleep
    • Digital Sentry was opened or closed
    • The computer was dropped, shaken, or moved
    • Fast user switching (user activated/deactivated)
    • An amount of time has passed
  • Actions:
    • Execute a shell script
    • Display a fake security alert
    • Record a note to a log
    • Logout the current user
    • Open a file, folder, or application
    • Ping a URL with information
    • Play a multimedia file
    • Restart the computer
    • Begin a stoppable or unstoppable self-destruct
    • Send an e-mail (with web cam shot and/or screenshot)
    • Send a text message to a cell phone
    • Shutdown the computer
    • Put the computer to sleep
    • Display a system alert
    • Speak some text
    • Take a screenshot
    • Take a web cam shot
  • Other Features:
    • Keystroke logging
    • Internal program event logging
    • Automatic startup on login
    • Program password protection

Change Log:

  • Bug Fix: Miscellaneous minor tweaks to the set of global classes that are in every Koingo application.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed memory leak when disposing of old window objects.


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