FileGuard X5 10.5.2

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FileGuard X5

Identity theft is one of the leading computer security issues today, and the only way to prevent it is to ensure that all your personal and confidential documents are fully protected. FileGuard X5 creates virtual safes that provide unbreakable protection for all your sensitive files. You can create as many safes as you want, using them for different types of files: you can create a safe for your e-mail, another for your business documents, another for your financial records, and one for schedules, contacts and calendars. Each safe can have its own password, and when you close a safe, there’s no way that anyone can get at its contents. You can set the upper limit of a safe’s capacity: it will automatically increase in size to that limit as you add files to it.

FileGuard X5’s safes are not only secure; they are also portable. You can store safes on file servers or external disks and you can keep them on your home or office Mac with no risk of anyone opening them. You can even send FileGuard X5 safes to friends, family or colleagues, and they can access files contained in those safes, as long as they have the password, even if they don’t have FileGuard X5 software.

Features of FileGuard X5

* Store sensitive files in secure virtual safes.
* Industry-standard encryption makes safes unbreakable.
* Create as many safes as you need.
* Set a different password for each safe.
* Create safes by drag-and-drop, or from the Intego menu.
* Safes increase in capacity as you add more files.
* Change the size of a safe or compress it to save space.
* Open safes by a simple double-click in the Finder.
* Protect sensitive files on laptops in case of loss or theft.


* 40 MB free hard disk space.



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