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Mac Restart X 1.4

Mac Restart X can restart a Mac using different methods, on a regular basis, one time only at a specific date and time, at launch via Apple iCal or via a keyword inside a web page. Mac Restart X is the ideal solution to restart a unattended Mac with maximum flexibility in choosing when to do it.

Setup of Mac Restart is easy and quick:

  • To restart on a specific date time you can set it using the calendar control available inside the software.
  • To set a repetitive interval, selecting a time and a day of the week or any day or any weekday and so on you can use the ‘Scheduled’ option.
  • You can use also Mac Restart X with Apple iCal, and launch Mac restart X from Apple iCal calendar application. Selecting ‘At Launch’ Mac Restart X will restart the Mac when it is started, after a delay of 120 secs, warning the user if at work on the Mac.
  • You can instruct also to restart when a specified keyword is found inside a web page. When the web page is updated to contain the specified keyword the Mac will restart. Usefull to restart many computers at the same time.


  • Native for Mac OS X in Cocoa
  • Optimized for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
  • Easy to use and powerful
  • Don’t slow down your Mac when in background
  • Amazing interface
  • Warns you before restart showing a progress bar or jumping from the dock.
  • "Scheduled" or "On Date" or ‘On Launch’ or ‘Via Web Page’ Restart type


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