Password Repository 2.11.8

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Password Repository 2.11.8

Password Repository lets users store and manage all their passwords inside a structured document. All data are maintained inside protected and encrypted documents. Password Repository shows data in a table view and let the users order items by any columns with just a click.

A Master and Details view let the users manage and manipulate the data in a very intuitive way. Password Repository uses categories with custom color labels to help store passwords in a smart way. The result is a high efficiency method to look at a passwords list to find something in a short time. Any content is searchable using a search field and categories popup search with data displayed as-you-type. Many more features.


  • Written using Cocoa
  • Easy to use and powerful
  • Data encrypted automatically
  • Blowfish encryption
  • True Mac OS X interface
  • Customizable autolock and autosave
  • Autorecovery docuement features
  • Native Mac toolbar
  • Intuitive operation
  • Easy to use category
  • Point-and-Click sort
  • Find-as-You-Type
  • Custom Password Generator tool inside
  • Advanced content filtering
  • Enhanced import from external data source
  • Export to text file to import in other software
  • Color categories
  • Smart ‘Open’ of ftp URL and CryptoEdit file
  • Accepts Drag&Drop of URL from Safari and file from the finder

New in this Version :

  • Split panel between the table and the details view
  • Improved resizable note area
  • Improved visualization of the ‘View’ layout
  • Improved display of creation and modification date
  • User interface simplification
  • Bug fix



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