SecuritySpy 2.0.3

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SecuritySpy 2.0.3

SecuritySpy is a multi-camera video surveillance application for the Macintosh.This software will enable you to set up a comprehensive and effective surveillance system quickly and easily. The motion detection feature means that you can choose to capture footage only when there is some activity to record. In addition, you can use the timelapse feature to record continuously.

Unlike traditional analog CCTV systems, there is no need for bulky tapes to change nor for spending hours viewing the captured video. SecuritySpy also offers better image quality and much more convenient access to your captured footage.
A major advantage of using SecuritySpy is the Remote Viewing feature, which allows you to access your surveillance system over the internet or over a local network using a web browser.

If you are building a video surveillance system from scratch all you need is SecuritySpy, a Macintosh computer, and one or more cameras (digital cameras, analog cameras with video input devices, or a combination of the two). If you have an existing system using analog cameras, SecuritySpy will enable you to upgrade to a computer-based digital system whilst still retaining your existing cameras and cabling.

SecuritySpy’s flexibility will allow you to set up a system tailored for your individual needs. Whether you want a single camera or many dozens, SecuritySpy is ideal, for both domestic and business purposes.


  • Multiple cameras can be connected and SecuritySpy can use them all at the same time
  • Devices that connect to the computer by USB, FireWire, or as a PCI card 
  • Devices that connect to the computer over an ethernet network
  • The motion detection capture feature records only when motion is detected; the timelapse capture features records continuously 
  • You can connect to SecuritySpy remotely using a web browser to view live images and captured footage
  • Allows you to control the pan/tilt angle and zoom setting of certain cameras directly from within SecuritySpy 
  • Video can be compressed during recording to conserve disk space – compression options include JPEG and MPEG-4 
  • Automatically sends captured footage to a remote computer over a local network or the internet for backup  


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