SyncMate 2.5.0

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SyncMate 2.5.0

Synchronizing your Mac with multiple devices is now possible with SyncMate! And you can sync all your devices at the very same moment.

With SyncMate you can sync data in your Mac with other Mac computers as well as with other PC (!!!) computers. No need to look for exhausting data transfer methods. All you need is one SyncMate!

Keep your Mac in sync with your mobile phone! Windows Mobile devices and Nokia S40 phones are supported.

Can’t imagine your everyday life without Google account? SyncMate will sync your Google Contacts and Calendars with your Mac for FREE!

SyncMate also syncs your Mac with USB drives or Sony PSP. With SyncMate you can backup PSP or USB drive files and folders at your Mac and restore them in couple of clicks when needed.

Eltima also offers special online storage to SyncMate users. Store your important data there and access it from any spot on the globe easily.


  • Synchronize Contacts and Calendar (Mac to Mac, Mac to Windows Mobile device, Mac to Google account, Mac to Nokia series 40, Mac to USB drive, Mac to PC, Mac to PSP or all at once)
  • Sync your Mac and Google account in both directions
  • Synchronize Favorites, Contacts, Calendar, Notes in mobile device accordingly with their analogues Bookmarks, Address Book, iCal, Stickies on Mac OS
  • Ability to choose the browser in Windows PC you want to sync your Mac Safari bookmarks with (Opera v.10 and higher, Firefox v. 3.5 and higher, Chrome v.3 and higher).
  • Ability to work with iTunes & Video and iPhoto (Expert Edition)
  • Backup your data online (gain more space in Expert Edition)
  • Simple installation of applications to your mobile device (Expert Edition)
  • Synchronize separate folders. This plugin also offers real-time data synchronization (available for USB flash drive, several Macs, Sony PSP, Windows PC synchronization and syncs data immediately (Expert Edition)
  • Automatic synchronization – allows you to keep in sync all your devices. Customize your settings only once and don’t worry anymore (Expert Edition)
  • Resize images while copying (Expert Edition)
  • Ability to synchronize time in devices with Time plugin (Expert Edition)
  • Easily get device info (type of device, OS, owner’s name, memory status (internal memory and flash card), battery state, time, alarms, etc.)
  • Examine memory status diagram and its legend
  • Track all operations which SyncMate handles by actions log
  • Allows viewing and searching Calls history on Mac Expert Edition)
  • Ability to manage Drafts, Sent and Deleted items, Inbox and Outbox SMS, search and export SMS into txt, csv, html (Expert Edition)
  • Mail synchronization (performed in one direction – from Mac to Windows Mobile device) (Expert Edition)
  • Video conversion to AVI, MPG, MP4, WMV, ASF, 3GP formats in iTunes&Video plugin (Expert Edition)
  • Backup data from USB flash drive and PSP (Expert Edition)
  • Synchronization with Sony PSP is performed in one direction (from Mac to Sony PSP) except synchronization of Folders, iPhoto, iTunes & Video
  • Ability to add definite USB devices into ignore list if you don’t want to sync them now
  • Synchronization via USB cable, WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet (depending on synced device capabilities)


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