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FCP Versioner 1.1

FCP Versioner is a backup and versioning utility for Final Cut Pro. It automatically backs up Final Cut Pro projects in XML format and generates changelogs to show exactly what has changed between revisions.

In addition, it offers a wealth of options for managing your backups to ensure they don’t consume all your disk space. Rather than simply keeping a certain number of total backups, Versioner can choose to keep a certain number per day, week or month, allowing you to see much further back in time while minimizing disk usage (the current day’s backups are always kept in their entirety unless you set a limit on them).

FCP Versioner offers three main advantages over more general backup solutions:
1. You get a list of changes so you’re not just looking at a filename or date
2. It saves the project as XML so you get a plain-text version for safety and compatibility
3. It offers flexible backup management options to ease disk usage

Key Features:

  • Automatically creates a backup every time you save your Final Cut Pro project
  • Each backup has a changelog listing exactly what changed between revisions
  • Backups are in XML format which has durability and compatibility advantages over FCP project files
  • Flexible backup management options to fully customize how older backups are purged
  • Autosaves your project file at specified intervals

New in this version:

  • Added the ability to only backup a specific sequence, boosting performance
  • Added the ability to initiate a manual backup snapshot
  • Improved marker support
  • Improved changelog generation performance
  • Fixed extraneous "New filter added" notifications
  • Improved memory usage when generating logs
  • Frame values are now converted to timecode
  • Markers can now be filtered
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to remove the base copy of a project

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and above
  • Final Cut Pro 6.0.2 and above (autosave requires FCP 7.0)


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