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HP Printer Drivers v10.6.1

Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard includes software for many printer and scanner models.  This software can be installed from the Snow Leopard Install DVD, and installed or updated by using Software Update (some models have software available through Software Update only).  This article lists software provided for printers and scanners as of 10 Sept. 2009.

Installing printer and scanner software

By default, Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard installs software supporting the printers currently used by your Mac (if available), nearby printers on your network, and popular printer and scanner models. If you click the Customize button while installing Mac OS X v10.6, you can choose to install software only for printers currently used by your Mac (de-select all Printer Support options, except for "Printers Used by This Mac"), or you can choose to install all of the printer and scanner software that is available from the Mac OS X Install DVD (select all Printer Support options, including "All Available Printers").

To get software for printers that were not installed during the Mac OS X installation process, choose Software Update from the Apple menu, allow it to complete the process of "Checking for new software", and then connect your printer or add it using the Print & Fax pane of System Preferences.  If software for your printer is available through Software Update, you will see a prompt asking if you would like to download and install this software. If you do not have access to the internet, you can insert the Mac OS X Install DVD and use Optional Installs to install the printer software available from the DVD.

Printer compatibility drivers (CUPS, Gutenprint)

Some of the included drivers were developed through the Gutenprint and CUPS open source projects. You can identify these drivers by looking for "Gutenprint" or "CUPS Sample Driver" next to the model name.  You might use one of these drivers if no Snow Leopard-ready driver is available from a printer’s manufacturer. Please note that these compatibility drivers may not support all features of your printer, and the printer’s manufacturer does not provide support for using these drivers.

Scanning and sending faxes with multifunction printers

The software available with Snow Leopard may allow you to scan or send faxes when using a multifunction printer.  To see which features are available for your printer model, find the model in the list below. In the columns next to the model and software version, you will see a "Print" if the software supports printing to the model, "Scan" if the software supports scanning with the model, and "Fax" if the software allows faxes to be sent (through the Print dialog in applications) with the model. If your printer has a feature that is not available with this software, contact the printer manufacturer for more information regarding the use of that feature.

The steps needed to send a fax from a multifunction printer vary from model to model. With some models, you will have a two printers added to your printer list with similar names, but you must select the one with "Fax" in the name when you want to send a fax from the Print dialog. With other models, you will find the fax settings in the pop-up menu in the Print dialog (the same pop-up menu where you’ll find the settings that are specific to your printer). Contact your multifunction printer’s manufacturer or visit their website if you have questions about sending a fax from your specific printer model.

List of printer drivers available in Snow Leopard

Note: This list is subject to change without notice.  This list will be updated as new printer and scanner software becomes available through Software Update, but it is possible that Software Update will display software newer than what is listed in this article for a period of time after each update becomes available.

If you have an issue with your printer, follow this workflow:

  1. Ensure the printer is connected, has power, has ink / toner, paper, and no alerts on its built-in display.
  2. Network based printers should be on the same subnet; you shouldn’t have to worry about this if your printer is on your home network.
  3. Use Software Update for the latest available updates.
  4. Delete the affected printer from Printer & Fax System Preferences, then re-add the printer.
  5. If the issue persists, reset printing system, then re-add the printer.
  6. If the issue persists, contact the printer vendor and/or visit their website for printer software and support.




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