JIM 1.0

Magnus Weinberg
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This image viewer was created to fill a void in linux & windows
since no image viewer supported all of the features needed. We wanted for an image viewer to be able to do at least this:

  1. Handle sorting of images correctly, ie. an order like “001 2 03 004
    .. 010b 10c 011 12a” should work.
  2. Show images 2 at a time for viewing mangas and other comic books.
  3. Be able to view images inside of .rar & .zip compressed files
    and handling them as “folders”.
  4. Be able to stand alone, without hooking itself into 2000
  5. Be able to switch between different folders, both automatically and
    manually as well as finding the next folder with images when needed.
  6. Handle bookmarks for reading those 556 episode long mangas, which
    will probably not be read all at once anyway.
  7. Be able to copy, move, and delete images and whole
  8. Have a function for copying and pasting the path of an image from
    inside the image viewer.
  9. Handle zooming and moving around in the image in a sane way and
    using mouse wheel and mous dragging.
  10. Be able to handle the japanese mangas being read, back to front.
  11. Handle fullscreen viewing of images.
  12. Should be able to scale in the common ways(fit height, fit width,
    stretch, none and scale).
  13. It should have the OPTIONS to identify by content OR filename.
  14. It should save the settings between runs.
  15. It should be cross platform because noone likes loosing their
    preferred viewer. Tested in Windows XP and GNOME 2.26.1 with Ubuntu


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