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Mac Shutdown X

The best way to shutdown an unattended Mac

Mac Shutdown has many uses, just an example, it can help a user start a download of big files over the net in the night and have the Mac automatically turned off when the download is finished. It is customizable using a easy to use setting setup panel (no coding or editing of script required).
It’s small, fast, simple and reliable.

You can choose to shutdown the Mac:

  • On a scheduled plan
  • On a specific date and time
  • When a generic file is removed or moved on your Hard Disk
  • When a download is finished.
  • using Safari
  • using Firefox or Camino or Netscape
  • using Speed Download
  • At launch time to use it via Apple iCal
  • When a keyword is found inside a continuously checked web wage

Using the scheduled plan you can set any repetitive interval, selecting a time and a day of the week or any day or any weekday and so on.

With the ‘On date’ option you can specify the date and time you prefer.



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