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Meerkat 1.5

An easy-to-use SSH tunnel manager built specifically for the Mac.

A perfect marriage of UNIX power with Mac elegance, Meerkat includes innovative features such as application triggers, automatic reconnection on system sleep & network change, Growl integration, Bonjour support, command-line and AppleScript integration, and much more.

Not familiar with tunnels? SSH tunnels (sometimes called port forwarding) are a way to use an SSH account on a server to forward other types of net traffic — for example, HTTP web traffic, iTunes music sharing traffic, or SMTP email sending traffic — through the SSH account. Then, this traffic appears to come from the SSH host instead of the original computer.

Features :

Application Triggers

  • Tunnels can be associated with trigger applications.
  • The result? Tunnels come up when their trigger apps do, so dependent apps have everything they need at the ready.
  • QuickTime Videos Desktop 3.9M iPhone 4.4M/609K

Automatic Reconnect

  • Meerkat will automatically detect system sleep, wake, and network events and reactivate your tunnels for you.
  • Your tunnels will be right where you left them, ready for use.

Tunnel Setup Assistant

  • Local, remote, dynamic — not quite sure which type of tunnel you need?
  • Meerkat’s Tunnel Setup Assistant can walk you through entering the details to get the job done.

Bonjour Support

  • Tunnels can advertise their presence on the local LAN with Bonjour.
  • Web browsers, iTunes, VNC clients, and FTP clients all speak Bonjour and can auto-detect tunneled services.



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