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Pagehand 1.0.7

Pagehand is an easy to use and elegant word processing application that provides many features not found in other products. By default, Snow Leopard opens every PDF file in Preview. Pagehand 1.0.6 has an option that allows you to have PDF files opened in Pagehand if they are Pagehand PDFs, and in Preview (or another application of your choosing) if they are not. Just go to Preferences and check “Manage double-clicks on PDF files.”

Pagehand is for people who want to produce attractive documents, rather than the same old ugly stuff we’ve seen for years. People who want to unlock the typographic capabilities of their fonts. People who make the layout and fonts just right and want that same precise appearance to be viewed by others.


  • Uses PDF as its file format, so anyone can read your documents perfectly, fonts and all.
  • Helps you with typography, whether you are making fractions, using a special character, or looking for a nice ornament.
  • Avoids dialog boxes or inspectors that cover up your work.
  • Categorizes your fonts for you, so you don’t have to scroll through a long list every time you select a font.
  • Never forces you to choose from a bewildering array of small icons.
  • Lets you open documents as separate windows, or as tabs in the same window.
  • And above all, cares about what you create and guide you toward making beautiful, typographically correct documents.

Pagehand is also for people who are tired of fighting the interface of their word processor and just want to get on with their work. Version 1.0 of Pagehand supports styles, sections, columns, tables, tab leaders, document properties, autosave, document templates, keep together, keep with next, widow/orphan control (we call it Prevent Stragglers), tabbed or single windows, automatic formatting and replacement of text, two kinds of numbered paragraphs, bullets, text shadows, fractions, adjustable hyphenation, layout and print guides, split views, small caps, and much more.

System Requirements:

  • Pagehand requires OS X 10.5 or later, including 10.6 Snow Leopard.



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