SubBits 11.5

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(Mac) SubBits 11.5 (Win) SubBits 11.5

A professional subtitle / CC preparation and render toolset.

If you have the need for subtitles you will probably find that it’s not very practical to do the translation in your NLE’s title generator. Almost no NLE gives you the option to playback your show and type at the same time. SubBits subtitler does. This professional subtitle software is developed in close cooperation with professional translators and has all the handy tools you need to make a translation for titles and output to the format of choice. You can even work on a simple office machine, freeing up your precious edit suite.

Main features include:

  • Fast text editor with all shortcuts a text editor needs
  • Works with (about) all video formats!
  • Keyboard control over the video simultaneous to typing titles
  • Option to move multiple titles together
  • Option to save comment with titles
  • Option to swap all comment and titles for second language translation without re-timing
  • Option to switch between Pal, NTSC, and 23.976 for format conversion
  • Instant preview of your work
  • Timeline trimming
  • Render Engine to output to bitmaps for any NLE and / or bitmap files for DVD
  • Render Engine does Quicktime with Alpha, and does that extremely FAST! (Nice if you work on Avid!)
  • Spell-check via your favorite program
  • Import Export of FCP XML


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