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Auto Shutdown Manager

Nowadays, with energy prices rising, both consumer and enterprises are looking for ways to effectively save energy – but without changing the familiar working style. When looking at a typical Computer’s work day, soon you find out that there are many times when it is running but not being used.

First, there is the integrated Windows power management from Microsoft which is a good approach but still offers a lot room for technical improvements, especially in networked environments – in which some machines are dependent on others – and in complex work outines that require a flexible and intelligent power management control way beyond the standards. The Windows solution is based on direct interactivity with the PC. However, during a long internet download, who wants to press a key every couple of minutes so that the machine finished the download without interruptions?

This also applies for many different tasks such as encrypting data, overnight Backup processes, TV-recording, live PowerPoint-Presentations, Copy- Delete- or Defragmentation of hard drives, maintenance work, machine controlling and many others.

Considering the hundreds of thousands of Display-PCs in shop windows and at tradeshows that would usually need to run12-14 hours a day instead of 24 hours – you soon get an idea how much energy is wasted needlessly and transformed in heat.

According to latest research, 90% of all users do not enable the power management functionality of their computers – understandably due to the reasons mentioned above. Many enterprises, schools, universities and public institutions already raise awareness and call for energy saving. Users are asked to shut down their computers before going home for the day, leaving for the weekend, during lunch hours and longer absences from their desks.

New in this Version:

  • WOL over Internet, Auto Assignment of PCs to Groups, Support of VMWare Server 2+, Hidden User mode, New Sleep Modes


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