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BearFlix Backup4all Plugin

Once loaded in Backup4all, this plugin
will allow backing up the following BearFlix related information: logs, db, ini file, history, playlists and temp files.

How to download and install the BearFlix backup plugin

To download the plugin, right click the following file and select Save Target As (or Save Link As in FireFox): BearFlix.xml
After the download is finished, follow these steps to install it in Backup4all:

  1. Open Backup4all and select Tools->Install Plugin.
  2. Browse to the location where the plugin was saved (usually the desktop), select BearFlix.xml and click Open.

How to use the BearFlix backup plugin

After the plugin is installed, in Backup4all in the Predefined Backup
drop-down list BearFlix will be included too. To create a new backup job for BearFlix based on this plugin:

  1. Open Backup4all and select File->New Backup Wizard (Ctrl+N).
  2. On the General page enter a name for the backup in the Name field.
  3. From the Predefined Backup drop-down list, select BearFlix. Click Next.
  4. On the Sources
    page, you will see a list of the items to be backed up. You can clear
    (un-check) the items that you do not want to back up. Click Next.
  5. On the Destination page, select a destination for the backup. Click Next.
  6. On the Type page, select the backup type. The Full or Mirror
    type is recommended.
  7. Click Finish. The new backup job will appear in the backup list.
  8. Press Backup (F6) to start backing up BearFlix.


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