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DiffVue 4.4

DiffVue is a folder and file compare/differencing utility. This contains 4 main applications; DiffVue, DiffFTP, DiffEditor and FullVue and they are all Unicode applications.


  • Synchronizes files and folders between laptop and PC, home and office, etc.
  • Compares folder trees side-by-side with mismatches highlighted
  • Displays text files side-by-side with changes highlighted
  • Merges changes to source code, Allows editing any text file including Unicode files
  • Generates a single PDF file for the existing folders
  • Displays Non-text files such as graphics, word-processor, spreadsheet, presentation files
  • Compares Local files against FTP server
  • Abundant Short-cut keys to minimize the use of the mouse.

Change Log:

  • All: Windows 7 compatibility   
  • DiffVue: Drag-n-drop between Windows Explorer and DiffVue, UI enhancement, Removed same-level restriction.   
  • DiffFTP – DiffVue for FTP: Multi-threading transfer, Stablized, UI enhancement, Removed same-level restriction, Enhanced logging.   
  • FullVue: Major library upgrade to enhance viewing   
  • DiffEditor: Bug fix for synchronization of viewing area in single-edit mode   
  • DiffVue Update: Enhanced update/upgrade downloading


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