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FileKicker’s cutting-edge technology and high customer volume deliver all the features shareware developers expect at a fraction of the cost. Sure, you’ve seen other download programs offer minimal features for as much as $2.99 per gigabyte.  This makes it easy to import filtered data into databases or analysis applications such as Excel. You can even publish your event logs or as RSS feeds.

EventMeister resides in your system tray and will monitor your logs 24/7, watching out for certain entry patterns. When it identifies an item of interest, it will respond by issuing visual and audio alerts, sending emails, writing to a log and even running your own scripts.

Features of EventMeister

  • Auto load at start up
  • Minimize to system tray
  • XP Theme Aware
  • Number of logs/machines that can be monitored restricted only by system resources
  • View Event Logs across your network
  • Powerful filtering capability with support for regular expressions
  • Merge logs for easier analysis of sequential events across applications or network computers
  • Create satellite windows to display different views of data
  • Search logs
  • Sort logs by any column
  • Reorder, hide and show individual columns
  • View any log as a formatted HTML report
  • Convert any log, filtered feed or aggregate feed into a live RSS feed
  • Export any log, filtered feed or aggregate feed to a formatted html report and display it in your browser
  • All html reports use cascading style sheets for easy customization



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