Extensions for Windows Explorer 2008

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Extensions for Windows Explorer 2008

The Extensions for Windows Explorer provide four new system functions missing from Windows. This unique software can print the list of your files on your printer with their icons or even save them as HTML file, batch rename files, select files based on a filter, launch an application with parameters.


When you view on your screen a folder and its files, you can right click, as you do for Copy or Paste, and select the Extension you want, from Windows Explorer, without having to launch another program.

Print file and folder name lists

  •  Print with small icons
  •  Print with big icons
  •  Print with thumbnails
  •  Print details
  •  Print CD/DVD covers
  •  Print file, folder and subfolder structure
  •  Save file, folder and subfolder structure as an HTML file

Rename files

  •  Batch rename files
  •  Replace part of file names
  •  Conversion of all characters to lower case
  •  Conversion of all characters to upper case.

Select file and folders

  •  Select files with a filter
  •  I.e. *.DOC selects all MS-Word documents, car*.* all files starting with "car", car???men.DOC selects all MS-Word files starting with "car", they are followed with three characters and end in "men".

Run programs with parameters

  • Open programs
  •  Definition of parameters, i.e. the initial documennt or work sheet, etc.



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