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File Property Edit

With its powerful file and folder browse feature plus the drag and drop support, you can add a group of files or directories, and then change their file attributes and properties easily. EXIF property supported!

Use File Property Edit, with just several clicks, you can easily change the files’ attributes, including "create time", "modify time", "last access time", "Realonly", "Hidden", "System"… and modify their diversify properties, like document summary properties, and photo’s EXIF properties. With the powerful file and folder browse feature and the drag and drop support, you can easily add a group of files and/or directories. The 1-click Undo feature allows you to rollback all the changes you just made. It also supports quick preview feature, which allows you to see the picture’s thumbnail when you edit it.


  • Support modify all types of photo’s properties including EXIF.
  • QuickView feature added – Support thumbnail preview of photo.
  • Change file and folder’s "created date time", "modified date time", and "Last access date time".
  • Change file and folder’s attributes including "Archive", "Read Only", "Hidden", "System", "Temporary", "Offline", "Content index", or "Normal".
  • Edit the file’s summary properties including: "Title", "Subject", "Author", "Keywords", "Comments", "Template", "Last Author", "Revision Number", and "App Name".
  • Support modify Document summary properties on Vista and Windows 7.
  • Variables supported in file property, e.g. add today’s date and time, add bumber series, datetime series in some file property fields, increase or decrease the property value in number or datetime fields.
  • Drag and Drop: It’s easy to add files to the list, just drag files from anywhere and drop them to File Property Edit’s list.
  • Undo changes: After you change the properties of files and folders, you can use this to cancel the changes, and rollback the old property values.
  • Files filter support case sensitive and exclusive filtering – you can easily filter in or out the files you want from the file list.
  • 15 color themes selectable
  • Automatic online update
  • FREE download!
  • 3-year FREE upgrade!


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