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Instant Replicator

Instant Replicator is a real-time folder synchronization tool that can automatically keep two or more folders synchronized around the clock. Keep your files in sync between your laptop and your desktop PC, synchronize your workgroups’ shared folders, or use it with almost any portable storage device to backup important folders.


  • Real-time Folder Synchronization: iRep works silently in the background to monitor and replicate folder changes across your network, according to the rules that you set.
  • Sync Action Templates: iRep comes with 5 built in sync actions: Backup, Mirror, Merge, Distribute and Collect; and allows users to create their own custom sync actions.
  • Folder Compare: compare folder pairs to view exactly what is going to happen before any files are touched.
  • Flexible file filtering: easily set rules to ignore files and/or folders that you don’t want to synchronize, based on virtually any file attribute you can think ok.
  • Unattended automatic synchronization: select the interval and the project and let iRep synchronize your files repeatedly and regularly, even when you’re away from the computer.
  • One-to-Many and Many-to-One Synchronization: synchronize multiple folders simultaneously.
  • Skipped-files-free synchronization (with manual sync) : iRep uses Volume Shadow Copy™ technology to ensure that no files are skipped during synchronization even if locked by the system or another application.
  • Safe-Sync: keep backup copies of as many versions of files deleted or replaced during synchronization.
  • Pre and post-sync command execution: let iRep automatically execute commands immediately before or after synchronizing your files. (Check files for viruses, make a compressed copy of the target folder, etc.)
  • Informative Logs: optional detailed logging of all operations
  • 15-day free evaluation: try iRep for 15 days for free, with no functions disabled or crippled.
  • 30-day money back guarantee: been using a registered copy of our software for the last 29 days and 23 hours, but your not satisfied? No problem; you’ll get your money back, no questions asked. 


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