Intel Processor Identification Utility 4.22

The Intel Processor Identification Utility was developed by Intel
Corporation to identify characteristics of the processor inside a

In addition to displaying processor details, this tool provides a
frequency test feature to determine if the processor is operating at
the tested and rated speed marked on the processor.

The Intel Processor Identification Utility is consistently updated to support the latest processors developed by Intel. The supported processors
page provides a complete list of processors currently supported by the
tool. This page includes a table showing which processors are supported
by this tool, and which processors are supported by the Intel Processor Frequency ID Utility.

There are two versions of the utility available. The Windows version of the utility can be used with systems that support the
Windows operating system environment. The "Bootable" version of the
utility does not require an operating system. By installing the tool on
a bootable device (e.g. floppy drive) the tool is run as the system is
booted, but before the operating system is loaded. This is normally
done from a PC’s floppy "A:" drive.


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