Kiwi Application Monitor 1.4

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Kiwi Application Monitor 1.4

Kiwi application monitor is a small program which lets you monitor your applications/processes, Windows and User activity. It’s freeware and without any spyware or adware. All you need to do is select an application or proccess from the build-in process viewer or enter an application’s exe name. The program can be set to start with Windows and run in background with small system resources usage. Kiwi can inform you of certain events and take defined steps so you can automate almost everything imaginable on your computer!

Monitored application’s information:

  • application start time
  • run time
  • average run time per session
  • average run time per day
  • average run time per active day
  • max run time per session
  • max run time per active day
  • total run time
  • current memory usage
  • average memory usage
  • peak memory usage in this session
  • max peak memory usage
  • cpu time used in this session
  • days monitored


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