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mgLaunch 3.0

mgLaunch is a handy application launcher for Windows. It helps you quickly launch your favorite programs, files, bookmarks and so on. What make mgLaunch different from other application launchers is the way how it is activated. mgLaunch can be activated by mouse gestures, just moving you mouse pointer, drawing a letter shape or a symbol. When mgLaunch is activated, your favorite programs appear where your mouse is.

mgLaunch saves your time you spend on launching a program. It is a faster way to launch applications with the mouse gestures.


  • Use mouse gestures to activate: You can draw the mouse gesture assosiated with mgLaunch folder to activate mgLaunch, no matter where your cursor is.
  • Appear where your cursor is: When a mgLaunch folder is activated, the main window of mgLaunch appears where your cursor is.
  • Quickly launch your favorite programs: When a mgLaunch folder is activated, your favorite programs are listed in the window, just click the icons to launch.
  • Manage shortcuts with folders: mgLaunch use folders to manage shortcuts, each folder can have 10 shortcuts, and can be assosiated with a mouse gesture.


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