MiddleClick 1.4

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MiddleClick 1.4

MiddleClick runs in the background on your computer waiting for you to click the middle button or scroll-wheel on your mouse. When MiddleClick is activated, a dashboard of your favorite applications and websites is displayed. Simply click your chosen button to launch the application or website.

MiddleClick loads into the background each time your computer starts and waits for you to activate the MiddleClick menu by clicking the middle button or scroll-wheel on your mouse at any time. For laptops or machines without a middle mouse button, the apps key can be used instead. A macro is launched by selecting a dashboard button or menu item depending on your chosen theme.

Improve your efficiency by changing the way in which you interact with your computer. MiddleClick replaces your start menu, desktop shortcuts, address book and bookmarks with an integrated approach to organizing your computer life. Imagine being able to access all of your applications, documents, email addresses and websites at the click of a button…

MiddleClick improves your efficiency by allowing you to effortlessly:

  • Launch applications
  • Open documents, folders and websites
  • Communicate using email
  • Search your favorite sites
Macros allow you to automate many common tasks, such as completing online forms, selecting the menu options of an application or inserting standard blocks of text.


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