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MultiViewTree File Manager 1.0

MultiViewTree File Manager is the world’s first hierarchical file manager based on the new Multi-View Tree data visualization concept. You can use it to easily browse and manage entire folder hierarchies, no matter how deeply nested. The product introduces a brand new approach to file management.

Unlike traditional file management programs capable of displaying the contents of just one or two folders at a time, MultiViewTree File Manager can simultaneously display the contents of multiple folders in a single hierarchical tree-like view, each folder with its own settings (view mode, columns, sort order etc.)

MultiViewTree File Manager makes browsing through documents, image galleries, music collections, projects and other files easy as never before. There is no more need to remember in which folder each particular file is located – instead, just expand and open all folders, and view their contents at a glance.

The program supports all standard file and folder operations, Clipboard operations, and drag-and-drop. For added convenience, the program includes a built-in image viewer supporting most popular image formats.

Existing approaches to file management (tree-list and dual-pane user interfaces) were designed decades ago. Back then computers were much slower than they are today, and had much less memory and disk space.

Nowadays, with multi-hundred gigabyte hard drives storing huge numbers of files in increasingly complex folder structures, existing approaches become less and less efficient, and with multi-core processors and gigabytes of memory it becomes possible to design and develop new approaches and ways to manage files.

MultiViewTree File Manager is the result of extensive research and development efforts aimed at developing such a new approach. First, we designed the Multi-View Tree data visualization concept, and then applied it in the area of file management.



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