Shutdown Scheduler 7.0

Gino Dicandio
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Shutdown Scheduler 7.0

Sometimes, computer(s) users have to shutdown their computer after running jobs, actions… but waiting the end of those tasks may be really “boring”. Shutdown Scheduler gives you the possibility to do it without waiting next to your computer. You just have to schedule the shutdown(s) for all week or for specific days and let “Shutdown Scheduler” do the job.

This software allows you to automize your computer’s shutdowns or restarts. You can specify times by day or by week. It also allows you to create notes shared by other users over home (or business) networks. There are a lot of other useful features and options in this software.You can also use it as a timer and shut it down after a defined time, so you can easily continue listening music when going to sleep and specify after how long time the computer must shutdown.
You can use this software for so many reasons your imagination can find.


  • Weekly or daily shutdown/restart/hibernation/standby scheduler
  • Those actions are also possible using a timer
  • Shutdown/restart/hibernation and standby behaviour customizable
  • Remote shutdown(s) and restart(s) available (Over a network)
  • Shared Notes included (Single or multi users shared notes – Over a network)
  • Auto logs the software and user actions
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Windowless
  • Magnets "like" behaviour
  • Move by left button drag-n-drop
  • Complete htm Help included
  • Animated system tray icon


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