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SolidCopy 1.5

SolidCopy Version 1.5/Windows is an industrial-grade FileCopy utility with safe result previewing, extensive logging and fail-over retry mode for unstable media or network conditions. Jobs/scripts may be defined and automated.

Extra cleanup options allow for removing named or partially named files, removing files by filespec, removing files that exist in the target folder but not the source, and removing files after a successful copy (move operation).

Safety features include a preview window prior to batched overwrites, complete atomic logging details (with stats and ComputerName of executing machine), and a NoCopy mode where a job can be tested without actually copying, or if only delete operations are wanted.

SolidCopy is lightweight – less than 1mb in a stand-alone executable, perfect for keychain drives.


  • Fast initial scan – allows for better progress indication; required for mirroring
  • Retry Count and Interval – these variables will set up a retry loop for failed operations. This is more suited to a situation where some operations may fail, but possibly not all.
  • Retry Indefinately – this is the default and overrides the above settings if checked. This is more suited to a situation where if one operation fails the rest will follow suit.
  • If you don’t want any recovery attempts made at all, uncheck the Retry option.
  • MD5-Verify – perform post-copy MD5 digest comparisons.
  • NoCopy / Don’t do any copying – simulate the copy process, test scripts, or also useful when you want to delete files without any copying.
  • Review and confirm all file deletes – This should normally be checked, except for automation.
  • Synchronize/Mirror (aka "delete unmatched files and folders in the target folder") – synchronize files and folders. Any unmatched files in the target path slated for deletion will be shown in a preview window, unless Preview Deletions is unchecked.
  • Delete source files if copied ok – this effectively does a move or rename operation. It is not optimized yet for same-volume moves, where only the file allocation table is updated. Enabling this option will also turn on the MD5-Verify option, although it isn’t enforced beyond that initial suggestion.
  • Remove listed filespecs from source folders – this can be very convenient, but be sure to always check Preview Deletions (unless you are automating a script).
  • Keep only certain files in the source folders and delete all the rest – again, a useful feature, the usual cautions, etc. Note that wildcards are NOT used here, only substrings / text fragments that reside within the filename(s).


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