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SWiJ SideWinder

SWiJ SideWinder is a handy, easy to use but powerful tool which allows you to easily launch Applications, Websites, Shortcuts, Folders, Documents, Pictures, Music and Videos with just a click. SideWinder is a lightweight and powerful tool which is capable of increasing your productivity by saving huge amount of time spent on searching and clicking Icons in normal way, and it enhances the speed of Windows by eliminating the necessity to have any icons on your Desktop or using the standard Quick Launch Toolbar.

Features of SWiJ SideWinder

· Launch any Applications or Games regardless of whether you’re at the Desktop or Running a Program
· Get one click access to your favorite Websites and Internet URLs as never before
· Open Important Files and Documents with simple clicks
· Group and arrange your favorite music files according to their Albums, Genre, Author, etc. and play them at your will
· Put your entire video collection and even links to your favorite videos from sites like YouTube at one location and play them whenever you like
· Select and organize your Pictures according to their Albums and keep them neatly in a single Category or multiple Categories and show them to your Friends one by one
· Open Folders from your computer or other Network Locations instantly by placing them in SideWinder
· Get immediate access to Internal & External Hard Drives, USB Pen Drives, Camera Folders and other Removable Medias whenever they’re available on your PC
· Fill your Forms easily by storing your personal information like Email Addresses, Full Name, Contact Numbers, etc. into SideWinder Buttons and retrieving them to Clipboard at any time you need
· Place To-Do Lists or Important Notices on SideWinder, so you won’t miss place or forget them again
· If you’re a Student then save your Terminologies and their Definitions in SideWinder so you can always keep in touch with them
· Open useful Windows tools like Calculator, Paint, and Notepad, etc. form the SideWinder’s Quick Access Side Bar and save your valuable time
· Perform system functions like Shutdown, Restart, Switch User, Log Off, Sleep and Hibernate form the Side Bar
· Remove your Windows Quick Launch Icons from the Task Bar and use the Side Bar to open My Computer, Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer and even Show the Desktop form it
· Maintain a clean and tidy Desktop to increase Windows performance by placing all your Icons on SideWinder
· Have a total of 15,000 quick launch Buttons without affecting the System’s performance
· Enhance the quality of your Windows Experience with the smooth and glide SideWinder Buttons
· Give your Windows a beautiful glassy toolbar which brings fun when using. As we say "Play SideWinder When You’re Bored."
· Choose Themes from a variety of Professional Themes Gallery to match your current Windows Theme and Desktop Background
· Share SideWinder Links and Texts with your colleagues and family members by just copying the relevant Category files to their Computers

What's New

  • Note Tool added to the "NotePad" Side Bar Button

  • Dictionary & Translator Tool added to the "NotePad" Side Bar

  • SideWinder now comes with Lifetime Free Updates.


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