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SysCompare Pro 3.0

The SysCompare product family is the first of its kind tool to dynamically scan and report on the configuration DIFFERENCES of Microsoft Windows based computers. Unlike other products that inventory and scan computers, SysCompare automatically determines how each computer is configured or installed differently from another. The long tedious task of manually scripting or extracting this information is no longer needed!

SysCompare is designed to work with all versions of Microsoft Windows, from Windows 95 through to Windows 2008 Server and Windows 7! It is also designed to run and scan 32-bit Intel based systems as well as Itanium and Intel/AMD x64 based computers. It is dynamic enough both desktop and server based computers, with features unique to each platform.

SysCompare is the only tool that enables you to quickly scan your network computers for configuration discrepancies, troubleshooting, or comparison against a snap-shot in time scan. It is a great audit compliance tool to ensure all your servers and desktops are patched identically and ensures best practices are followed.

Syscompare Pro is the Enterprise version of the SysCompare product family. It is designed for all sizes of businesses, auditing needs and consulting organizations. SysCompare Pro provides advanced configuration compliance. SysCompare Pro can scan an unlimited number of computers and offers these features:

  • Local and network scanning – including the ability to save scans and compare over time
  • Automatic detection and reporting of configuration differences
  • Report creation, print layout control and exports to PDF
  • User controllable UI elements and display properties
  • Automatic Refresh of Scanned Computers
  • Bulk Import of Computers to Scan

SysCompare Pro provides an advanced set of configuration comparison categories. These categories represent the most extensive configuration reporting needs for enterprise customers.

Hardware Components:

  • System Information – BIOS, Power on Passwords, Manufacturer and Memory Details
  • Processors – ID, Manufacturer, Clock Speeds, Cores, Logical Processors, Voltage, Cache Size and Revision
  • Memory – Bank Labels, Capacity, Type, Form Factor, and Speed
  • Plug and Play Devices
  • Network Adapter details
  • Hard Drive details
  • Problem devices
  • Printers

Software Components:

  • Operating System Properties – OS Version, Machine Name, Build Number, Service Pack Level, Domain Membership, Virtual Memory and Windows Activation
  • Services – Name, Description, State, Start Mode, Service Account, and Starting Path
  • Running Drivers – Name, Manufacturer, Version, Time/Date Stamps, State and Startup State
  • Running Processes
  • Unsigned Drivers in use
  • Startup Applications and Tasks
  • Environment Variables
  • System Patches and Hotfixes
  • Shared files and folders
  • Page File Configuration
  • Windows Debugging and Memory Dump Configurations
  • Installed Applications
  • Active Directory Group Policies


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