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USBImport is a small utility (less than 450Kb) that automatically imports the content of any removable device on to your computer as soon as it gets connected. Removable devices that have been tested include USB keys, USB digital cameras and Smart cards.

To use USBImport, just download in an empty folder and run. USBImport will lie in the system tray silently running in the background.
You need to adjust the following settings by right clicking the icon in the system tray:

  • names of files you want to import from any removable device when it gets connected to your computer (use wildcards)
  • location on your computer where you want the files to be copied.

As soon as a removable device gets connected to your computer, USBImport will silently copy the chosen files from the device, whatever the folder they are in, on to your computer in a folder called "usb-yyymmdd-hhmmss" created at the location you selected (where yyyy is the year, mm the month, …)

You may want to stop an import at any moment while the removable drive is still connected to your computer. To do this, just left click the icon in the system tray (available with XP Pro only).
Other options are available by right clicking the icon in the system tray:

  • You can have USBImport automatically running when logging on to Windows;
  • You can deactivate USBImport: this will deactivate the detection of mobile devices but USBImport will still be running ready to be reactivated;
  • And you can stop USBImport from running.


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