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WasteShield is a small program that once installed onto your Windows computer can save a typical user more than £35 per year. Utilising a unique artificial intelligence system WasteShield intelligently manages your computers power consumption, ensuring it is never left on unnecessarily and ensuring you can configure the machine to maximise energy efficiency.

WasteShields advanced power management capabilities are completely automated, making it easy for any user to start cutting their electricity bill. By intelligently learning your behaviour WasteShield will ensure that you can maximise savings without harming productivity. We all know there is nothing more annoying than Windows Power Management kicking in when you are in the middle of watching a film, listening to music, reading a long document or simply on the phone or making a cup of coffee.

WasteShield will take about a week to understand how you work, after that it can can tell you how much energy you are using and saving, what the carbon cost is and project all of these figures accurately over a 12 month period.


  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence learns your behaviour
  • Cost and savings report and projections
  • Daily activity report
  • Customisable activity settings
  • Energy savings graph
  • HDD, CPU and bandwidth aware
  • Software activity report
  • CPU temperature monitor and alarm
  • Customise to your energy rate and region


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