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WebTemp 3.30

WebTemp provides (server) hardware remote monitoring features. WebTemp displays temperatures like CPU temperature as well as voltages and fan speeds measured by SpeedFan or other hardware. It is a monitoring tools and together with CPU and memory load, network traffic and notebook battery status it creates statistics which can be saved, uploaded to FTP servers or emailed at any time. WebTemp can also set off an alarm on high CPU temperature or low fan speeds by sending emails and/or powering off the system.

To provide CPU temperature, voltage and fan speed readings WebTemp needs an external hardware monitoring tool like SpeedFan. 


  • WebTemp reads temperatures, voltages and fan speeds from several hardware monitoring tools,
  • it can read RAM and CPU usage, CPU frequency, network traffic, hard disk memory and battery capacity on its own,
  • it creates an image which enables you getting an overview of all the values and their condition in the past few hours,
  • furthermore there is a display mode for the past 24 hours,
  • a banner-style display which only displays temperatures or network traffic over time,
  • another small display called "Light" which just shows you current temperatures and fan speeds,
  • both of these images can be displayed transparently on top of your desktop,
  • additionally they can be uploaded to any FTP server of yours,
  • it is possible to customize the colors and names of statistics and sensors,
  • there is an extra window which provides you with system information like real time CPU frequency,
  • WebTemp consumes very little processor time and memory, beyond that the setup package fits on one(!) old floppy disk,
  • you can choose to get notifications when new versions become available,
  • setup does not copy any files into your windows or system directory nor does uninstall leave behind any of WebTemp’s registry settings.


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