Windows Search 4.0

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Windows Search 4.0

Instantly find and retrieve e-mail messages and attachments, business documents, media files, and many other file types located on PCs and file shares on your network. With Windows Search 4.0, simply type a search term and results quickly appear including information within e-mail messages and their attachments. In Windows Vista SP1, start your search right from the Start menu and fine tune your search within Search Explorer. In Windows XP, use the always visible Deskbar for quick and easy search access to indexed content on your PC or the network. Results are displayed in a clear way that lets you quickly find the exact file or e-mail message you need, even when many results are returned.

Windows Search has a familiar user interface for instantly finding files and e-mail messages located on your PC and connected resources-plus one-click access to move, delete, copy, burn, attach, or drag and drop files where you need them. It is easy to deploy and manage, with enterprise-class security that prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information. Robust Group Policy support gives IT professionals control over every aspect of search functionality-from the types of files to the locations that get indexed.

Windows Search is easily extensible for third-party developers and IT professionals to build upon, offering comprehensive APIs for developers to display user search query results in custom applications and tools using the .NET Framework or a Common Object Model (COM) interface.


  • Comprehensive and intuitive search feature helps you locate items quickly, and is accessible within common tasks. 
  • Easy deployment and management tools use common infrastructure elements, support Group Policy, and help fine tune network performance.
  • Well-supported platform provides great support for common data formats, making it easy for developers to enhance and extend search capabilities.
  • And much more.. 


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