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EditPad Lite

EditPad Lite is a convenient, carefully designed text editor and Notepad replacement.

It has all the features a solid text editor needs without any bloat.You can open as many files at a time as you want, with no arbitrary file size limit and no arbitrary line length limit. You change between the open files by clicking on their tabs. No hassle with heaps of overlapping windows.

If you want, EditPad Lite limits itself to one instance, saving you a lot of task switching, and keep an icon visible in the system tray, for quick access.Save time with the Search and replace that can work across all open files. Reduce frustration with the unlimited undo and redo, which can undo changes even after saving them.
EditPad Lite is fully globalized. You can convert between ANSI, ASCII and Unicode (UCS-2 and UTF-8), and work with Unix and Mac files. Create text files in any language you like, whether that´s English, French, Russian or Chinese). EditPad Lite itself has also been translated into many languages, including all documentation.

What's New

New feature:

· Favorites: Import and export favorites to a separate .ini file via the Organize Favorites screen. This works for file, project, search, explorer, and FTP favorites.


· FTP: FTP URLs without a username now use the existing connection to the FTP server instead of prompting for the username.
· FTP: Warn if renaming a file will cause an existing file to be overwritten.
· Tools: When redirecting standard output EditPad now runs the tool minimized. This way there's no empty console window blocking your view while there's still a taskbar button that indicates the tool is running and that allows you to access the tool if it doesn't respond to standard I/O.
· Windows 7: Disable EditPad's icon next to the system clock by default, as Windows 7 hides all notification icons by default.
· Windows Vista & 7: Running EditPad as administrator no longer reuses the existing EditPad window, if any. This makes sure that the instance with elevated rights will actually run rather than bring a previous instance with normal rights to front again.
· Windows Vista & 7: Running EditPad as administrator now shows (as administrator) in the caption bar, so you can easily distinguish between EditPad instances running with elevated rights from those running with normal rights.
· Windows Vista & 7: Vista-style open and save dialog boxes.

Bug fixes:

· Deleting a rectangular selection of which the first line was totally blank moved the cursor down one line.
· EditPad needlessly checked at regular intervals whether the current file still exists on disk.
· Searching reloads the file after the search instead of before the search if it was modified on disk, causing incorrect search matches and other trouble.
· Drag and drop: Dropping a folder onto EditPad's editor area now shows the Open Folder screen instead of starting with a blank file with the name of the folder
· File Panel: Dragging multiple files from one project to another moved only one file and then failed with an "index out of bounds" error
· Folding: Pressing enter at the end of a line immediately before a folding range did not properly shift the range downward along with the lines it folds
· Keyboard: Using a two-key keyboard shortcut for certain commands that pop up a dialog box and then canceling that dialog box caused EditPad to remember the first key. The next key press would thus be interpreted as the second key in a two-key combination.
· Live spelling disabled the custom bracket matching specified in the syntax coloring scheme.
· Send To: Using the Send To menu in Windows Explorer to send a single folder to EditPad Pro now shows the Open Folder screen instead of starting with a blank file with the name of the folder.
· Tools: Some applications don't run correctly when standard output is redirected, but standard input is not.
· Windows Vista & 7: Running EditPad Pro as administrator while AceText was running caused EditPad Pro to hang for about 30 seconds while it tried to initiate its connection with AceText. That connection doesn't work unless AceText is also running as administrator, due to security restrictions on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Now, EditPad does not try to connect to AceText when run as administrator.


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