InSight 4.2

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InSight 4.2

InSight’s extensive array of features includes syntax highlighting, support for both fixed and proportional fonts, optional font styles even in plain-text files!, columnar blocks, text tables, easy text formatting, file and backup comparison, spell checking, light-speed Boolean searches, export to HTML, and much more. All in a multi-tabbed interface that allows as many documents as your system resources can handle, with no size limitation!

Tab buttons are customizable, always in view, and do not change places automatically, as normally occurs with other tabbed interfaces.InSight is a text editor with configurable toolbars and context menus.

Features of InSight
* Spell checking. InSight supports both classic and live spell checking. Live spell checking highlights misspelled words with a wavy underline as you type. A context menu helps you select the correct word, as seen in the major office suites.
* Show Codes. The code viewer allows inspecting hidden codes inserted in text, like tabs (#09), carriage returns (#13), line feeds (#10), and other control codes.
* Unlimited number of catalogs – Have any number of catalogs opened, for increased productivity.
* Configurable Toolbars and Context Menus – The Trial Version will only remember changes made to the List Bar and the List context menu. You can customize other toolbars and menus, but your changes will only apply for the current session.
* The Registered Version will remember any customizations made to the Main Toolbar, Editor toolbar and Editor context menu, so you can have the items you need in the order that is most comfortable for you.
* Items from the Main Menu and Main Toolbar can also be added to both the Editor toolbar and context menu.

System Requirements:
* Processor: Pentium or compatible 800 MHz,
* RAM: 100 MB,
* HDD: 30 MB


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