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KEDIT for Windows is a full-featured Windows text editor with menus, toolbars, drag-and-drop editing, clipboard access and Multiple Document Interface (MDI) support. Editing features include sophisticated search and replace facilities, full undo and redo, a sort facility, a redefinable keyboard, regular expression support and file locking support.

It provides many powerful and useful facilities for working with text files. KEDIT is typically used to edit computer programs, notes and memos, e-mail, lists of information, and other textual data files.


Flexibility : Dozens of options let you tailor the interface to suit your preferences, so you can pick the combination of features that work best for you. You can use the mouse, menus, and dialog boxes to access the power of KEDIT or, if you prefer, you can use the keyboard and the command line.

Syntax Coloring: KEDIT’s syntax coloring facility highlights comments, strings, and keywords in a variety of languages, including HTML, COBOL, dBase, FORTRAN and PASCAL. Especially helpful is KEDIT’s use of different colors to highlight different levels of parentheses, braces, and nested keywords. Syntax coloring is user configurable, so you can add your own keywords, and even add support for additional languages.

XEDIT Compatibility: KEDIT offers many of the commands and features of XEDIT, the editor used with IBM’s CMS system. KEDIT adapts XEDIT’s features to the Windows environment, so that former XEDIT users are immediately at home, and PC users have access to XEDIT’s powerful command set. KEDIT has over 100 XEDIT-compatible commands and SET options, and supports an XEDIT-style prefix area and screen layout.
Macro Facilities Based on REXX

Macro Facilities Based on REXX: Built into KEDIT is a large subset of IBM’s REXX language. This flexible macro language makes it easy to redefine the keyboard and automate common editing tasks. Macros can be run from the KEDIT command line or from the KEDIT toolbar, assigned to keys, or activated by the mouse. You can replace any of the default key definitions with your own macros, putting the power of REXX at your fingertips.

Selective Line Editing: This is one of KEDIT’s most popular features. The selective editing facility lets you focus on a subset of the lines in a file, such as all lines containing a particular string. You can have KEDIT display only this subset of your file, and you can perform editing operations that affect only this subset. You can then return to viewing and working with the entire file, with the lines in the selected subset (as modified by your editing) remaining in their original position in the file.

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